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V.Chekanyuk, The guerrillas, a detail of the painting. 1975


This is my personal collection of Soviet militaria, items and images of art.


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I have been absent from this website for quite sometime now. In truth, I haven't added anymore collectibles to my collection in the last year and a half. I am currently working as much as possible to save money for a trip to Europe. I plan on going in September 2004 and tavelling for at least three months. I also hope to go to Russia in my travels, so when I get back I may have some new content to add. So, until then I won't be adding any more material to my website, but feel free to email me at my new email address (above) as I check that regularly.
I have added a short essay that I wrote a year ago regarding the Battle of Kursk. I may be able to add some essays that I have on file occasionaly.
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A very special thanks goes out to Alexei Merezhko. He has been such a great help with my entry into this amazing hobby!